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White Mesa Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation Project
Type Engineering Office Farmington Bid Number 6124822-1 Deadline 2017-06-28
The Project consists of total rehabilitation of the existing 3 pond (lagoons) facilities. Ponds 1 and 2 will have the existing liner system removed and all 3 ponds will have existing sludge removed and disposed per EPA permit. All 3 ponds will have vegetation removed including root systems. Reshape and regrade pond side walls of pond one (1) and pond two (2) into one pond (North), reshape and regrade remaining pond (3) into South pond. Install new HDPE 60 mil liner systems with passive venting systems for both ponds, remove and replace influent piping system, install new flow diversion box, construct a shallow containment berm, clear vegetation and landscape with gravel within the security fence, and repair or replace security fence as necessary.
White Mesa Public Works Center Project
Type Engineering Office Farmington Bid Number 6124822-2 Deadline 2017-06-28
The Project consists of removing existing concrete slabs and bollards. It includes construction of a new 6,000 square foot public works center and associated plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, sidewalks, and bollards. Construction of two (2) new storm inlets and 122 feet of 20”x28.5” Arch RCP transmission line. Altering electrical system from overhead electrical to underground electrical and connecting to new building. Install two (2) new 4” waterlines from the public works building to existing well plumbing and installing a new 6” sewer line and connecting to existing sewer line with appropriate cleanouts and fixtures. It also includes cut and fill to specified grade and surfaced with 6” aggregate base course and 3” asphalt pavement for parking spaces to include marking of parking stalls.
Cuba Wastewater Phase II
Type Engineering Office Albuquerque Bid Number 6423775 Deadline 2017-06-15
The project consists of the construction of a lined effluent storage basin, an effluent lift station, grading for an effluent reuse site and piping and appurtenances. The project also includes improvements to the sludge holding basin, construction of biosolids conditioning and drying equipment, including a new building, a sludge lift station, and piping and appurtenances. The project also includes consolidation of waste accumulated in existing aerated and passive lagoons and demolition/abandonment of existing wastewater treatment plant components.
La Luz MDWCA Water System Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6324231 Deadline 2017-06-01
This project consists of furnishing and installing approximately 5 miles of 8‐inch, 6‐inch waterline and 4‐inch waterline, Pressure Reducing Valve, new Water Treatment filtration system and building, new SCADA system and all appropriate appurtenances, tie‐in to existing meters and hydrants, remove existing meters and hydrants and replace with new meters and hydrants.
Corona Water Storage Tank Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Albuquerque Bid Number 6423035 Deadline 2017-05-23
rehabilitation of two existing 100,000-gallon steel water storage tanks to include an altitude control valve and vault, interior resurfacing, exterior paint and associated materials along with approximately 175 LF of 6-inch waterline to construct new dedicated fill lines for both tanks in the Village of Corona.
UMUT Towaoc Water Improvement Project
Type Engineering Office Farmington Bid Number 6124819 Deadline 2017-05-18
Installation of 11,768 linear feet of 6-inch waterline and 17,402 linear feet of 8-inch waterline including appurtenances to replace the existing distribution system, including connection to existing meters and installation of new water meters throughout the community.
City of Jal Water System Improvements
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6C23513 Deadline 2017-04-25
This project consists of the installation of 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch water lines throughout the City of Jal with accompanying appurtenances and service connections. Connections to the existing water system will also be included. There will be multiple NMDOT and Railway crossings by trenchless installation methods as well as the removal and replacement of asphalt pavement. A 0.5 Million gallon welded steel storage tank will be constructed at the existing million-gallon tank site and the existing Westfield booster station will be replaced with a new steel building and accompanying pumps, plumbing, electrical and chlorination system.