Cadastral, Boundary and Subdivision Surveys

Souder Miller and Associates (SMA) has many years experience in providing cadastral surveying within a multi-state area. We currently have Professional Land Surveyors licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Washington among other States. SMA follows four basic technical steps when performing a cadastral or boundary survey for platting, corner identification, boudary analysis or for subdivision:

1. Title Reports and Research - the backbone of a properly executed cadastral survey is research of the titled boundary lines through abstracts, title commitments, county records, deeds, plats, public / private maps, assessor's data and multiple other sources of information.

2. Existing Monument Locations - a diligent search in the field for existing corner monuments or evidence is made.

3. Boundary/Subdivision/Right-of-Way Map Preparation - once all field and title data is gathered and analyzed by our Professional Surveyor, a map or plat is prepared in AutoCAD in the proper format.

4. Monumentation - corners that are lost or are established by the survey are mounmented to State or Federal standards, depending upon the scope of work for the project.