SMA Designs a Safer Road on US 491

July 28th, 2016

This important road project completes a 21-mile stretch, transforming the old 666 highway into a safer, 4 lane corridor between Gallup and Shiprock, NM.

The SMA design team, including Matt Nighbert, Joe Nee, and David Wilson (ABO), along with members of the NMDOT and construction contractor completed a field visit of the US491 construction project, pictured above.

The project involves the construction of 21-miles of new four-lane highway between Gallup and Shiprock and will complete the entire highway widening for this important transportation link in northwest New Mexico.

SMA’s scope of services included Final Roadway Design, Review and Updating of Plan Quantities, Final Drainage Plans including Evaluation of Existing Drainage Structures for Siltation and Erosion, Traffic Phasing and Control Plans, Permanent Signing Plans, Lighting Plans, School Zone Flashers, Utility Coordination and Updated Utility Mapping, and verification that the proposed design stays within previously acquired Right-of-Way for this corridor.

The estimated construction cost of this project is $75 million.