Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority selects SMA for On Call Engineering contract

May 06th, 2016

Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) was selected by Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority to provide on-call engineering services for the next four years at facilities located in New Mexico. Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority (EVSWA) operates nine registered solid waste collection stations in Torrance County, New Mexico; a regional MSW and C&D landfill (EVRL) at Moriarty, New Mexico; a regional recycling center at Moriarty, New Mexico; and a septage composting and disposal facility at Moriarty, New Mexico. The anticipated services SMA may be providing include the development of an AM Kan Work Asset Management Plan, permit application for a C&D/Asbestos Special Waste Landfill at Vaughn, EVRL vadose zone testing, and CQA for EVRL Cell4 subgrade prep, liner installation, leachate collection system installation and protective soil layer.