Souder, Miller & Associates Recognized at Water System Improvement Project Inauguration

July 24th, 2017

Mesilla, New Mexico – The Town of Mesilla, New Mexico hosted an inaugural event to announce the operation of its improved water system, parts of which Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) designed. Improvements to this system will increase access to potable water service, improve service reliability and eliminate stagnate conditions that negatively impact water quality, contributing to the reduction of the risks associated with waterborne diseases.

Souder, Miller & Associates’ contribution to the project included a preliminary engineering report, environmental information document/environmental assessment, cultural resources report and wildlife habitat evaluation report for Mesilla’s water and wastewater system. Following data collection, SMA held regular meetings with Mesilla management and the project funding agency (Border Environment Cooperation Commission [BECC]) to ensure the project outline met the expectations of all parties.

With an estimated cost of $761,646, this project is receiving a $698,115 grant provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Border Environment Infrastructure Fund, which is administered by the North American Development Bank. The Town of Mesilla is receiving grant funds from the New Mexico Environment Department to cover the rest of the costs. The project was certified by BECC on November 23, 2015.

The project is expected to increase access to safe and reliable drinking water services to 12 households and maintain compliant water quality by eliminating the potential for stagnate water conditions.

Prior to the system improvements, residents in the project area relied on private wells as their water source. During periods of extended drought these wells were vulnerable to going dry, forcing area residents to haul water for domestic use. Residents dealt with water stagnation that can lead to issues with disinfection by-product formation and decay, microbial growth, temperature increases and discoloration. To avoid stagnation, waterlines are flushed, resulting in water losses and additional operation and maintenance requirements. The new network loops will conserve water -- leading to a more sustainable water system.

SMA’s team includes professional engineers, professional surveyors, professional geologists and hydrogeologists, soil scientists, surveyors, certified floodplain managers, environmental professionals, planners, GIS/CAD operators, construction observers and support staff. Seven offices in New Mexico, as well as branch offices in Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Utah provide a base for more than 200 employee-owners to work with and improve their communities.


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