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Pueblo de San Ildefonso Wastewater System Improvements – Phase I
Type Engineering Office Santa Fe Bid Number Deadline 2018-07-13
This project consists of the rehabilitation of existing 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch VCP sewer with 9,489 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch and 10-inch HDPE DR 17 by pipe bursting, rehabilitation of existing 6-inch and 8-inch VCP sewer with 878 LF of cured in place pipe (CIPP), installation of 1,502 LF of 8-inch PVC SDR-35 gravity sewer line, demolition and reconstruction of 26 existing manholes, installation of 9 new manholes, rehabilitation of 5 existing manholes with protective liner and coating, coating of 5 existing manholes and abandonment of 4 existing manholes, reconnection of 88 existing service lines to new and rehabilitated sewer line, and CCTV inspection of all new sewer lines. The project also includes one additive bid alternate consisting of approximately 516 LF of 12” PVC C900 waterline, three gate valves, and appurtenances in the same utility corridor as the proposed Povi Kaa sewer line.
Doña Ana MDWCA Radium Springs Water System Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6323822 Deadline 2018-06-21
The Project consists the installation of approximately 44,000 LF of 6-inch waterline, 3,700 LF of 8-inch waterline, connections to the existing water system, installation of valves, fire hydrant assemblies, replacement of well pumps, rehabilitation of existing welded steel storage tanks, construction of a new booster station and accompanying appurtenances. The project will also include installation of new waterline inside steel casing within the NMDOT ROW by trenchless installation methods and connecting the existing water meters to the new water line.
Doña Ana MDWCA WWTP District 5 Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6324321 Deadline 2018-06-19
Project Description: This project consists of improvements to the existing District 5 WWTP. Improvements include a new concrete flow splitter, concrete clarifier channel, concrete clarifier basin, concrete chlorine contact chamber, installation of tertiary treatment disk filter, installation of sludge handling screw press, installation of new pumps, air lines with diffusers, new blowers with building, new electrical panels, new force main and gravity sewer lines. This project will also include demolishing and the conversion of some of the existing basins.
White Mesa Water Improvements Project REBID
Type Engineering Office Farmington Bid Number 6124846-1 Deadline 2018-05-01
Rebid of WM Water Improvements Project: The Project consists of water well rehabilitation, CMU building addition, furnish and install water treatment systems capable of treating water to acceptable levels of arsenic, iron, and manganese for domestic consumption.
Type Engineering Office Roswell Bid Number 2017-09 Deadline 2017-11-09
Projects are the Puerto De Luna (1033 Paisano Road) Senior Center Parking Lot and the La Loma (1054 L Loma Road) Senior Center Parking Lot and are located in Guadalupe County.