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La Llorona Trail Extension (LC00320)
Type Office Las Cruces Bid Number LC00320 Deadline 2020-04-27
Termini: NM 359 from Paisano Dr intersection, BOP Station 37+60.00 (MP 0.557) to 6,730.93' (1.275 miles) to the EOP, Station 104+90.93 (MP 1.832), at River Levee Rd. Scope of Work: The project is to construct a shared used pedestrian path adjacent to NM 359. The project will include excavation, base course, minor pavement, miscellaneous pavement, SWPPP plan preparation and maintenance, traffic control, permanent singing and striping, and other miscellaneous construction items.
Curry Road 7 Rehabilitation Project
Type Office Roswell Bid Number 2019/20-07 Deadline 2020-04-21
This project consists of the rehabilitation of Curry Road 7 from Curry Road N to US 70, to include processing, placing and compaction of the existing roadway section, base course, shoulder widening, double pen chip seal, reshaping the roadside ditches for drainage, culvert pipe replacement, traffic control and associated construction.
Chamberino MDWC&SA Water System Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6323061 Deadline 2020-04-03
The Project consists of constructing a new 6, new 8 and 10-inch waterline, new Fire Hydrants, new 200,000-gallon welded steel storage tank, a new water supply well, and new services.
LRGPWWA High Valley Rehabilitation Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6327602 Deadline 2020-03-31
This project consists of well inspection, well rehabilitation, replace well house plumbing, and replace chlorine equipment.
Los Brazos Water System Improvements
Type Engineering Office Santa Fe Bid Number 6228350 Deadline 2020-03-26
Work of the Project includes the replacement of the existing booster pump skid with a new duplex booster pump skid unit, including pressure tank and related appurtenances; replacement of pump house electrical; replacement of existing exterior door with new double wide exterior door; and installation of approximately 15 linear feet (LF) of 2-inch waterline for temporary bypass pumping. There are two additive bid alternates: Additive Bid Alternate 1 includes shock chlorinating and brushing/swabbing the Los Ojos Well #2 to clean the algae from the well, and testing the well for Bacteria and E. Coli to ensure successful disinfection; and Additive Bid Alternate 2 includes installing a permanent curb stop with a curb box during the temporary bypass pumping installation.
LGPWWA Valle Del Rio Water System Improvements Project Phase II
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6324643 Deadline 2020-03-19
This project consists of the installation of approximately 7,000 linear feet of 6-inch C900 PVC, valves, associated appurtenances, replacement of fire hydrants, water service meters, service connections to the distribution system, and rehabilitation of an existing 40,000-gallon steel water storage tank.