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Ancones MDWWCA Water System Improvement Project Phase 2
Type Engineering Office Santa Fe Bid Number 6222176 Deadline 2019-02-01
This project consists of the construction new waterlines for the Ancones MDWWCA. The project includes installation of approximately 6,870 linear feet (LF) of 8 and 6-inch distribution waterlines, including gate valves, fire hydrants, appurtenances, and water meters. There will also be 740 LF of HDPE waterline installed by horizontal directional drilling for river and wash crossings.
Tierra Amarilla Detention Center Wastewater Improvements Project
Type Engineering Office Santa Fe Bid Number 2018-03 Deadline 2019-01-10
This project consists of the construction of a centralized community wastewater collection and treatment facility to expand and provide wastewater service to the Rio Arriba County Detention Center, Rio Arriba County Administrative Building, and Rio Arriba County Low Income Housing (LIH) within Tierra Amarilla. The expansion of service will require installation of a 15,000‐gallon per day wastewater STM Aerotor treatment plant, an STM Aerotor control panel, an STM Aerotor remote access package, an anoxic/equalization basin including submersible pumps, a 5,000 gallon emergency holding tank, concrete pad around treatment system, all internal piping and electrical, and site grading; Effluent Disposal to include: site grading and clearing for 1.5 acres, flow splitting basin, 50 linear feet of 6” gravity effluent sewer line to dosing tank, CCTV inspection of all gravity sewer lines, LPD field flush valve assembly, irrigation headworks and vault, LPD field unit including excavation, geotextile fabric, granular fill, piping, fittings, valves and backfill, LPD dosing tank and pumps; Administration/Archive Bldgs Gravity Sewer to include: 550 linear feet of 8‐inch PVC gravity sewer, 4’ diameter manholes, and asphalt removal, disposal and replacement, CCTV inspection of all gravity sewer lines; LIH to WWTP Forced Main to include: 3,250 linear feet of 4” PVC sewer force main, removal, disposal, and replacement of asphalt, 80 linear feet of casing, 1” combination air relief valve, pressure clean outs, and all appurtenances; Low Income Housing (LIH) Gravity Sewer to include: one packaged lift Station including electrical and controls, approximately 1,650 linear feet of 4‐inch PVC sewer service lines from clean out to gravity sewer main line, 2,500 linear feet of 8‐inch gravity sewer, 4’ diameter manholes, abandonment of all LIH septic tanks, sewer connections, and CCTV inspection of all gravity sewer lines;
Tin Town Street And Drainage Project (Bisbee, Arizona)
Type Engineering Office Safford Bid Number CDBG 110-19 Deadline 2018-12-20
The Tin Town roadway and drainage project consist of reconstruction of roads with an inverted crown to improve drainage, erosion control, manhole adjustments and street signing. There will also be an installation of open concrete drainage channels at the north pond and the southern drainage outlet. The outlet at the south will include gabions and rip-rap structure.
Baca/Thoreau Water System Well Project
Type Engineering Office Albuquerque Bid Number 6922883 Deadline 2018-12-19
This project consists of drilling, testing, and construction of an approximately 1,500 foot deep pilot well within the Thoreau Chapter of the Navajo Nation, McKinley County, New Mexico; if pilot well results are acceptable, this pilot well will then be completed to a production well to provide municipal water supply.
Town of Mesilla McDowell Road Wastewater Collection Project
Type Engineering Office Las Cruces Bid Number 6325507 Deadline 2018-12-06
Work of the Project includes installation of 3-inch low pressure sewer main, a combination air valve, asphalt pavement cuts and replacement, cleanouts, 8-inch gravity sewer main and tie into a City of Las Cruces gravity sewer manhole, EBID lateral crossing, and sewer services including grinder pumps, electrical connection to grinder pumps per service connection, and 1.25-inch HDPE service lines installed by both directional drilling and open trench.