• Bid Number: L200443 2020-1
  • Office: Roswell
  • Project Manager: David M. Storey
  • Deadline: 2020-05-14
  • Last Updated: 2020-04-24 08:03:03
  • Downloadable Files: 6 file(s) available

Bid Number 2020-1
Control Number HWL2L00443
Control Number HWL2L00365
Control Number L200443

Town of Elida
704 Clark Street
Town of Elida
Elida, New Mexico 88116

Separate sealed BIDS for the Construction of the Mesa View Fire Station Parking Lot Project will be received by Kimberly Summers, Clerk/Treasurer, for the Town of Elida at 704 Clark Street, Elida, NM 88116 until 2:00 P.M. (Local Time), May 14th, 2020. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there will not be a public bid opening. Bids may be submitted electronically to Kim Summers, townofelida@yucca.net or by mail or delivery service. It will be the responsibility of the submitter to meet the 2:00 deadline. Bids received after the deadline will not be considered. The bids will be summarized immediately after the 2:00 deadline and posted on the Souder, Miller & Associates website shown below. Refer to Article 15.02 of the Instructions to Bidders.

There will not be a Pre-Bid Meeting.

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to familiarize himself with the site.

Last Day for Questions

May 7, 2020, 4:00 PM is the last date and time for written questions. No more questions will be received after this date and time. Questions may be emailed to David Storey at david.storey@soudermiller.com

Project Description

This project includes earthwork, subgrade preparation, base course, reinforced concrete for minor structures, structural steel for miscellaneous structures, 6” concrete drive pad, traffic control management, construction staking, post construction plans and miscellaneous construction activities.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS (in electronic media format) may be obtained at the following location:

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS in electronic media format may be obtained at the website of the ENGINEER, Souder, Miller & Associates, at www.soudermiller.com at no cost. It is Contractor’s responsibility to periodically check the website for any project updates and possible addenda.

Electronic Data

  1. For the present Project, Bidding Documents in electronic media format are furnished to bidding contractors for the sole purpose of preparing bids, and not for construction. The selected construction Contractor shall not rely on files provided in electronic media format for construction, but rather hard copies of such data provided by the Engineer or Owner upon award of the Contract.
  2. Because Data stored in electronic media format can deteriorate or be modified inadvertently or otherwise without authorization of the data’s creator, the party receiving electronic files agrees that it will perform acceptance tests or procedures within 60 days, after which the receiving party shall be deemed to have accepted the data thus transferred. Any errors detected within the 60-day acceptance period will be corrected by the transferring party.
  3. When transferring documents in electronic media format, the transferring party makes no representations as to long term compatibility, usability, or readability of documents resulting from the use of software application packages, operating systems, or computer hardware differing from those used by the data’s creator.