For Industry, solutions to environmental issues means meeting regulatory compliance requirements in ways that keep the core business goals on track and that send an important message of care to the public. For Government, solutions to environmental issues means meeting their duty and mandate to protect human health and the environment. Safety and stewardship are common denominators to both Government and Industry.

SMA provides environmental services to a diverse clientele. SMA listens to the client's needs and strives to work in concert with the client's drivers. We tailor our recommended approach to a given project with these needs in mind.

Experience Throughout the Mountain West

SMA has provided environmental services across the Mountain West for over three decades. From major oil & gas operators in Wyoming to municipal solid waste landfills in Colorado, and southwards to public utility companies in southern New Mexico, we provide real solutions to keep vital projects on track.

Clients in the Mountain West have trusted SMA's environmental services for it's localized specialization and expertise in all areas of hydrogeology, environmental science, engineering, project management, agency liaison, and public outreach works.

Full Range of Services

SMA provides a wide range of services to help you complete your project as efficiently as possible:

  • Investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Solid waste facility engineering, siting, permitting, and construction oversight
  • On going methane, groundwater, and air quality monitoring
  • Oil & Gas industry services
  • PST site management
  • Environmental audits and ASTM-compliant Phase 1-2-3 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Water Supply Well siting, hydrogeology, design, logging, and completion
  • Spill Prevention Control, and Countermeasure Plans
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • National Environmental Policy Act Compliance

Building the Future Together

The SMA Environmental Technical Sector teams with each of the other SMA Tech Sectors to provide a coordinated multi-discipline response to the client's needs. The Tech Sectors share the benefits of SMA's continuing development of innovative technologies.

For example, utilizing cutting edge GIS data collection tools to produce real-time initial site maps and contaminant plume mapping of surface spills. The Environmental Tech Sector has developed an on line GIS-based tool for clients to track and manage their on going sites, permit compliance deadlines, and project milestones. Partnering with the SMA Geomatics Tech Sector, we use unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) techniques to calculate earthwork volumes at excavation projects, waste fill rates and cell life span calculations for landfills, and provide aerial photography and survey data.

Past Experience

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Cell Design and Construction Oversight

SMA provided design, bid document preparation, bid administration, and construction quality assurance for an approximately 5-acre composite lined municipal solid waste cell and leachate holding pond (LHP) for the Mesa County Landfill in Grand Junction, Colorado. The cell liner consists of a composite design of compacted clay, 60-mil HDPE, and a geocomposite leachate drainage layer. The LHP liner consists of GCL and two layers of RPE with a leak detection system. Automatic controls maintain leachate head levels in the cell to less than 12-inches, as mandated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Graves Oil and Butane

Petroleum Storage Bulk PLant Remediation

SMA remediated the Graves Oil and Butane site via soil excavation, fluid disposal, hydrogen peroxide amendment, and municipal water system repairs to address requirements of 20 NMAC 5.12. 1227-1230. The project was completed in a commercial and residential area, with continuous monitoring for potentially hazardous vapors, fire and explosion hazards, dust control, pedestrian and traffic control, and haul vehicle staging plans in place. A total of 58,162 cubic yds of contaminated soil were removed from the site, drastically reducing the source area contaminant mass and accelerating natural attenuation of the downgradient groundwater contaminant plume.

Markwest Pipeline

Environmental Assessments

SMA completed environmental permitting for approximately 100 miles of right-of-wayfor a high-pressure natural gas pipeline gathering system. The project area received pedestrian field surveys for threatened and endangered species, karst resources, and archaeological or historical resources as required under the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Archeological Resources Protection Act, and the National Historical Preservation Act. SMA provided the client with all required reports, documentation and maps to acquire ROW grants across Bureau of Land Management lands and New Mexico State Lands.

American Resources Inc.

Environmental Liability Assessment

SMA completed an Environmental Liability Assessment study of approximately 23,000 acres of land acquisition incorporating the Milnes and Chaveroo oil and gas fields. The purpose of the study was to identify environmental liabilities in general and specifically any liabilities associated with the oil and gas industry assets located on the subject property. The project included research of federal and state environmental records, gathering land use history from aerial photographs, and field observation of 62 locations and 86 miles of access roads and easements.

Let's Work Together

Our success in providing both governmental and industrial clients with environmental solutions lies in our commitment to listen, understand, and execute based on your specific needs. Our local presence, knowledge and experience enables us to be efficient and effective in delivering your next project.

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