SMA understands that collaborating on a project with other A&E firms offers a client access to the best services each firm provides by increasing the teams’ capacity to deliver on the desired end product.


SMA has extensive experience supporting A&E firms in the delivery of geomatics, engineering services and environmental consulting. These technical services are provided in market sectors including:
transportation, commercial, residential, oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, and tribal.


Our Geomatics team is specifically designed to respond on-call work making our services well suited for supporting the projects of A&E firms. This is enabled by our depth of resources in professional staff, equipment, and technology.

As an ESRI Silver Partner, SMA is qualified to beta test and use the most innovative GIS software and assist project partners with specific GIS needs.


SMA’s engineering services span multiple disciplines: general civil, transportation, water and wastewater.

Our teams’ experience working with private, public and tribal clients makes us well suited to support A&E firms on larger projects because we understand the expectations of the stakeholders involved.


Our environmental team members are strategically located throughout the Rocky Mountain West region, allowing us to effectively respond to and provide on-site needs for industries such as oil and gas extraction/development, commercial development, and construction.

Full Range of Services

SMA provides comprehensive services to A&E firms, including:

  • Topographic/Design Surveys
  • Cadastral and Land Title Surveys
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) surveys
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Water distribution system and treatment plant design
  • Wastewater collection and treatment plant design
  • Site grading and drainage plans
  • Environmental site assessment
  • NEPA compliance services
  • Roadway engineering and design

Past Experience

Highest Railroad in North America

Highest Railroad in North America called on SMA to provide topographic, design and boundary surveys of the track corridor and depot using conventional, UAV and mobile LiDAR scanning techniques. Advanced survey control techniques were made to obtain accurate vertical control due to the 8,000-foot elevation difference in six miles. SMA surveyors worked alongside Swiss rail engineers to fasttrack the design of the project.

Support for the Department of Transportation Projects

SMA supports DOT projects by providing control surveys, location surveys, photogrammetric mapping and right-of-way mapping services. The geomatics team recently completed such services for 62 miles of well-traveled highway in southern New Mexico.

Let's Work Together

Collaborating with A&E firms is part of the core approach for SMA to support the delivery of successful projects for clients in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our local presence, knowledge and experience will not only increase your capacity but will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your project team.

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