Our understanding of municipal building codes and land use law allows our project leaders to work constructively with the regulators and help them find innovative ways within the parameters of their regulations to approve your project. Finally, unlike other firms that don't consider “Deployment” until the end of the project only to find things do not quite work as planned, we engage our deployment experts during design and permitting to ensure constructability and avoid costly changes. We truly manage the process where others rely on outdated experience that in the everchanging ROW environment no longer works.


Rather than relying almost exclusively upon aerial photos and limited digital information, SMA understands the various aspects of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) bringing together physical locate information, property corners, easements on scaled plan sets that illustrate the hard facts of the subsurface installation. While construction crews still bear the brunt of liability and hazards, the most detailed and accurate plan sets provide the best path to project success. Quality today helps avoid liability tomorrow.


SMA provides our clients with project teams led by senior and highly-practiced Professional Engineers, Permitting and Compliance Leaders, and Deployment Experts on every assignment to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solutions and timely delivery available in the market today.

Our services cover all areas of telecommunication including planning, permitting, design, and deployment. Our approach ensures project execution even in unfavorable regulatory environments. SMA's senior leadership has proven success on highly complex projects in over 30 states and territories. It is this deep understanding of the regulatory framework, environments and construction conditions that SMA brings to your project, and why we make it happen when others fail.


Our designs are led by professional licensed engineers who have worked with, consulted for, and designed utility projects for private developments and municipalities. This experience allows us to walk the walk with them to get our designs approved for installation. Likewise, our permitting leaders have written and implemented the municipal codes and standards and environmental regulations that govern the approval of your project.

Full Range of Services

At SMA, we provide the design, permitting, project management and deployment oversight services you need to get your project built on schedule and on budget:

  • Fiber and Subsurface Utility Design
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • ISP Planning and Design
  • ER Design
  • OSP Planning and Design
  • ROW Coordination/Permitting
  • Small Cell Network Planning
  • Stealth Tower/Small Cell Design
  • Drafting/Photosims
  • Land Use/Construction Permitting
  • Site Acquisition/RE Services
  • Construction/Deployment Oversight
  • Field Inspections/As-Built Surveys
  • ALTA, easement and Boundary Surveys
  • Environmental Site Assessment and NEPA Compliance

Let's Work Together

Proactive coordination and experience are the keys to making your project a success.

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