ACEC NM Engineering Excellence Awards 2022

January 27th, 2022

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has recognized Souder, Miller & Associates for the 2022 New Mexico Engineering Excellence Awards! The Engineering Excellence Awards highlight the work done by engineering firms that demonstrate innovation, achievement, and value to the community at large.

SMA has won the awards in the following categories:

Best Special Project - Three Crosses Medical Hospital

 This 30-acre infill project is community focused and lifestyle oriented, while being environmentally sustainable, and it is the largest mixed-use project in the history of Las Cruces. The Three Crosses Regional Medical Center development was able to take the Old Country Club property that had become a blight and transform it into a user-friendly mixed-use development designed to integrate the surrounding neighborhoods, sharing open space, boulevards, bike trails and walking paths. The result is an attractive and useful community project the residents and users of the mixed-use property now enjoy.

Best Transportation Project and Best Display Panel - NM 502 Roundabout

The NM 502 roundabout represents an intersection modification on a route that is highly utilized by local Los Alamos traffic and commuters as well as visitors to the Atomic City. The new roundabout is one of a handful of roundabout intersections constructed on an arterial highway in New Mexico by NMDOT. The design team overcame challenges presented by the need for retaining walls along the right-of-way without the need for further property acquisition for embankment slopes, proved enhanced and effective pedestrian and bicycle access, replaced the outdated drainage system, overcame project modifications (addition of a new leg to the roundabout) at the 60% design phase, and provided highly effective speed reductions for transitions of traffic and better access to local businesses through simplified navigation. The resulting project eliminated a confusing intersection for commuters, residents and visitors to the downtown and provides a revitalized gate­way into Los Alamos.

Souder, Miller & Associates is humbled to be among the nominees for these awards. The effort put forth towards these projects by our exceptional staff gives us an immense sense of pride. Thank you and congratulations to all of the individuals that made these awards possible!

Pictured top left: Michael Johnson, P.E., Francisco Urueta, CPESC, Kirk Clifton, AICP, Robin Coyle, and Matthew Nighbert, P.E., with both project display panels.

Pictured bottom left: Michael Johnson, P.E., Francisco Urueta, CPESC, Robin Coyle, and Kirk Clifton, AICP, with the Three Crosses Medical Center display panel.

Pictured right: Robin Coyle and Matthew Nighbert, P.E., with the NM 502 Roundabout display panel.