Cooperative Educational Services Win

October 27th, 2022

 Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) has secured an important contract vehicle with a recent New Mexico Cooperative Educational Services (CES) proposal win. This is the third CES contract in a row SMA has secured for a total of $3.2 million in sales across a variety of technical disciplines. This is an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity, four-year contract award.

 “This is a substantial win for SMA as we have generated a considerable amount of revenue through this contract,” said Cynthia Stoehner-Hernandez, SMA’s Local Government Client Community Manager. “It also offers an efficient way to bid on a variety of contract opportunities across New Mexico.”

 As a result of a successful pre-qualifying proposal, a master contract was established including technical specifications and pricing, based on a negotiated fee and price schedule(s) accepted and approved by CES. When a specific project is requested by one of CES’ hundreds of participating entities across New Mexico, that entity will select from the available qualified CES offerors. The selected offerors then review the project and prepare brief cost proposals. This system allows a CES participating entity to bypass the traditional and often cumbersome RFP process. Instead, the entity can directly select services from the pre-qualified offerors.

 SMA is approved in the following categories and lots:

 Category 2 – Lot 1 | Engineering and Design Services

Services include structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, geotechnical, instrumentation and control, site and subsurface investigation and analysis, emergency assessment and recovery services.

 Category 2 – Lot 2 – Surveying and Related Services

Services include boundary and right-of-way surveys, topographic mapping, photogrammetric mapping, construction surveys, municipal surveys, railroad surveys, and aerial control.

 Category 3 – Lot I – Other Engineering Services

This category includes preliminary and final engineering studies, environmental, historical reports, preliminary and final design services for a variety of disciplines such as agricultural, industrial, environmental, fire protection and geology.