Souder, Miller & Associates, Since 1985

December 02nd, 2020

Since 1985, Souder, Miller & Associates (SMA) has supported public, tribal, and private clients to build stronger communities by providing engineering, environmental and geomatics services.

During the past few weeks, we detailed our company’s robust history throughout the years on our social media platforms. An abridged version of the information detailed in those posts follows:


The history of SMA begins in 1985 in Farmington, New Mexico, when J. Roger Miller purchased San Juan Surveying. The company was incorporated as Miller Engineers, Inc., but continued to operate as San Juan Engineering; with a staff of 7 to 10 people.

Later, in 1992, Karl Souder merged his company, Karl Souder & Associates in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Miller Engineers, Inc. This merger developed the company name that we still use to this day: Miller Engineers, Inc. d/b/a Souder, Miller & Associates.

In 1995, SMA opened offices in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, New Mexico to address the massively growing need for professional environmental services in the region, and boosted our staffing to around 50 people.

After some time, SMA’s reach expanded into other states with new offices: Mancos, Colorado (2003); Monticello, Utah (2004); and Safford, Arizona (2004). The 2000s also saw the opening of our Roswell, New Mexico office (2006), and two shifts in operations: our Mancos office moved to Cortez, Colorado (2004) and our Monticello office moved to Moab, Utah (2008).

Souder, Miller & Associates acquired several businesses in the 2000s, including: OnSite Technologies (2002), Foresight Engineering, Inc. (2006), The Langford Corporation (which went on to host our Grand Junction office)(2007), and Accurate Survey (2008).

SMA exceeded 100 staff members by 2004, and in only four more years advanced the total to 150. Between these milestones and the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Program in 2002, SMA’s office culture was solidified.

The 2010s went on to bring SMA four new offices: Carlsbad, New Mexico (2013), Hobbs, New Mexico (2014), Window Rock, Arizona (2018), and Arvada, Colorado (2019). The decade also saw the acquisition of the New Mexico Division of Gannett-Fleming West (2013), KRW Consulting (2015), Vigil Enterprises, Inc. (2018), and NKE Engineering (2019). 2015 also saw SMA surpass 200 staff members and, in 2016, SMA Operations, LLC was established to expand SMA’s water and wastewater operations services. 


…which brings us all the way back to 2020 and the celebration of our 35th Anniversary!

 We want to sincerely thank all our clients, outstanding staff and the communities we serve for making this milestone possible. These are the connections that have allowed us to grow and thrive as a company.

Thank you, and here’s to many more years to come!