SMA provides ASTM Standard Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and ASTM Standard Transaction Screens to help clients assess environmental liability associated with a property. Under the Comprehen¬sive Environmental Response, Compensa¬tion, and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980, liability for site cleanup as a result of a release of hazardous substances into the environment is assigned to the responsible party or landowner. To reduce the risk of such liability, a landowner, a potential landowner, or a loaning agency may choose to complete an environmental assessment to determine if a property has been contaminated. Should recognized environmental conditions be identified during the Phase I investigation (such as suspected or actual hydrocarbon contaminants, asbestos containing materials, lead paint, etc.), Phase II (investigation) and III (remediation) may be undertaken to eliminate or substantially reduce the impact to the subject property