SMA provides infrastructure asset management training and plan development formed around the five core components of asset management:

  • 1. Current state of the assets
  • 2. Level of service
  • 3. Critical assets
  • 4. Life-cycle costing
  • 5. Long-term funding
  • SMA staff members work closely with our clients to provide asset evaluation, data conversion, analysis, and plan development services. We regularly evaluate infrastructure asset networks that include water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, public buildings, and roadway infrastructure. SMA’s field assessment teams conduct necessary visits to assess, evaluate, and document the location and condition of the assets in order to identify where there may be deficiencies. Following the inventory, SMA recommends improvements along with the respective cost estimates to incorporate in the long-term funding analysis. Our staff converts existing CAD maps to GIS for further detailed analysis of the client’s assets, as well as utilizing established asset management tools available through sources such as the Water Environmental Research Foundation (WERF) to evaluate long-term funding needs to maintain the infrastructure at the desired level of service.