Support for Those that Support the State

More than three decades of successful projects provides expansive insight into the best practices and needs of State governments. Of course, a history that extensive does not come without lessons learned, but these are lessons that we are anxious to share for the benefit of our clients.

Many SMA employees have an employment history that includes State government, meaning that our experience comes not only from projects we have completed for agencies, but from sitting where you sit. Understanding the pressures and restraints of the public sector allows SMA the ability to anticipate and manage limitations in service that may otherwise delay or prevent a project from successful completion.

Continuously Extending Services and Contract Vehicles

One of the hurdles to service to State agencies is to find a suitable contract vehicle through which to complete projects. SMA is constantly evaluating and pursuing opportunities to provide services in a manner most convenient to our State government partners. Contract and fee structure are often important, which is why SMA provides service in a variety of preferred formats such as fixed fee, time and materials, and unit sum. Purchase orders, task orders, sitespecific contacts are frequently employed and checks, direct payment/ACH, and even credit cards are accepted, providing the greatest flexibility for agencies.

SMA is also acutely aware of the need to remain compliant with the myriad of human resources, benefits and executive orders that regulate State government. Our full suite of technical services is backed by a knowledgeable and dedicated team of project managers, financial staff, and human resource specialists to make certain that the details of working with State government are not neglected.

Comprehensive In-House Services

SMA works to eliminate barriers for our clients. Our range of services is another demonstration of this commitment. Planning, permitting, compliance, preliminary design, final design, bid assistance, construction administration, operations, life-cycle management, data collection / administration, and project close-out- all are facets of the services offered by SMA to State government.

  • Environmental Site Assessment / NEPA Compliance
  • Planning
  • Water / Sanitary Sewer
  • Data Management Services
  • Groundwater Hydrogeology Evaluation
  • Transportation / DOT
  • PST Management
  • Telecommunications (Small Cell, Broadband Networks and Fiber)
  • Renewable Energy and Feasibility Studies
  • Aerial Photography / Topography
  • Boundary Survey and Easements
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Stormwater Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Surveying / GIS
  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • SPCC / SWP3

Serving the Public Together

SMA is committed to providing value to the public by way of our comprehensive engineering, geomatics, and environmental services. Stability and proven delivery of completed projects allow procurement agents confidence that the job will be done properly and professionally.

Past Experience

Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Soil Vapor Investigation and Methane Monitoring

SMA implemented an investigation plan to assess and monitor the extent of soil vapor and groundwater contamination at Graham Peak Way/Davis 43-6. Seven nested soil vapor monitoring points and one groundwater monitoring well were installed at the former gas well that was previously capped. Soil samples were collected, field-screened, and sent for laboratory analysis from each of the boring locations, and a groundwater sample was collected from the groundwater monitoring well. Following weekly reporting of the methane monitoring results, SMA recommended further site investigation and sampling of existing wells to determine the extent of soil vapor and groundwater contamination.

New Mexico Department of Transportation
On-call Hazardous Materials Investigation

This Initial Site Assessment (ISA) of the highway interchange project located at I-25 at Milepost 450 revealed several environmental conditions that were required to be addressed before construction. The conditions included the presence of a water line, a high-pressure gas line within the NMDOT ROW, and lead-based paint on the existing bridges.

SMA’s research revealed that since the early 1900s, asbestos fibers were used in concrete to increase structural integrity. The water lines were composed of asbestos reinforced (AC) concrete pipe and if disturbed were subject to state and federal regulations regarding removal, transport and disposal.

Similarly, the high-pressure gas lines were coated with asbestos containing coal tar enamel. In addition, SMA’s review of NMDOT Asbuilt records prepared in the 1980s revealed specifications for the use of lead-based paint on two steel bridges. The potential for lead exposure to workers during the demolition of these bridges for the proposed project was high and required proper handling as regulated.

Let's Work Together

A deep bench of resources geographically distributed with access to decades of diverse, collective expertise. This is what allows SMA to excel in providing services to State Government entities. From water resources, to renewable retrofitting, environmental investigations, and civil development services, SMA can and does deliver.

SMA is happy to meet with you in person or remotely through a hosted group meeting. For more information about our Local Government services, email us at