NMRWA 13th Annual Fall Conference

November 29th, 2023

NMRWA’s 13th Annual Fall Conference is underway in Las Cruces, NM! SMA is a longtime sponsor of the event, hosted at the Las Cruces Convention Center. It offers classes tailored to Water and Wastewater professionals in the region as well as the opportunity to connect with other professionals.

SMA’s Armando Cordero will be teaching “Distribution Systems”, and “Chlorination, Disinfection and Handling”; and Marty Howell will be teaching “Ground Water/Hydrology”, “Pumps & Motors“, ”Funding 101”, and “PERs Explained”.

Special thanks go out to Lilla Reid, P.E. and Nichole Britt who are manning our booth, the NMRWA for hosting the event, and to all of the conference attendees!

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