SMA Featured in Roswell Landfill Project

December 16th, 2021

The Roswell Daily Record published an article this week covering the Ribbon Cutting to officially open Cell 5A at the Roswell Landfill, in Roswell, NM. Souder, Miller & Associates designed the newly opened cell, and resurveyed the one adjacent to it, Cell 4, to compose a plan to maximize the space of the cell so that the City of Roswell could utilize it for another 10 months.

SMA’s Sarah Garduño, EIT, and Armando Cordero, were present for the Ribbon Cutting ceremony and Ms. Garduño had the opportunity to provide her insight into the design process for the article.

We’re proud to provide the City of Roswell with innovative solutions that benefit the surrounding environment as well as the community.

Photo Credit and full article by Roswell Daily Record, here.

Video coverage featuring testimony from the Mayor of Roswell, Dennis J. Kintigh, in addition to several of the engineers and contractors who worked on the project, also available, here. (Facebook)