SMA Welcomes Larry Maynard, PE, as DOT CC Manager

November 01st, 2021

Souder, Miller & Associates is proud to welcome Larry Maynard, P.E., aboard as DOT Client Community Manager. Mr. Maynard is an experienced Transportation Engineer who brings with him 28 years of transportation management experience including planning, scoping, design, construction, maintenance, and business operations.  

Rarely are we fortunate enough to find someone with as much experience, credibility, and interest in contributing as we have found with Larry” said CEO Karl Tonander. “Not only has he demonstrated a multi-decade commitment to the people of New Mexico, but he is well recognized and lauded for his integrity and effort within the DOT community.

Mr. Maynard maintains an extensive understanding of public transportation assets and systems from his time managing a New Mexico transportation district. In that time, he emphasized close working relationships and partnerships with Federal Highways, NM Legislature, US Congress, State agencies, Regional Planning Organizations, Cities, Counties, Villages, Townships, Pueblos, Tribes, Bands, and Nations. His work in collaboratively building successful working relationships and partnerships has resulted in over 1 billion dollars of completed and highly acknowledged public designs, construction, and maintenance projects which included all facets of transportation.

“While I was primarily employed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation, public service was always at the forefront of all of my work decisions. I carefully managed construction projects, designed roadway inventories, and for the past 20 years, managed a transportation district. Consideration of public safety, improved infrastructure, and cultural sensitivity for the many communities that I was able to serve made my work less of a duty or responsibility and more of an opportunity. Now, moving forward, I have the opportunity to continue serving New Mexico in a new position: as DOT Client Community Manager for Souder, Miller & Associates. I am looking forward to bringing SMA and the communities together to plan and design beneficial projects throughout New Mexico.”

               -Larry Maynard, P.E.