Qualified and Experienced Staff

Our staff has served Colorado for more than 30 years with Planning, Civil Engineering Design, Construction Management, Solid Waste Design & Monitoring, Environmental Consulting, Land Surveying & Mapping for Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Our staff have substantial permitting and regulatory experience with federal and state agencies, such as the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

With SMA’s multi-office presence in the Mountain West region, which is comprised of more than 225 employees, we also offer the complete range of services afforded by our corporate catalog, such as Water & Wastewater Engineering and Funding Acquisition Assistance.

Solid Waste / Landfill Engineering & Consulting

Environmental Site Assessments

Water Utility Design & Consulting

Stormwater Engineering & Management

Site Development

Land Surveying & Mapping

Explore Solutions for Your Industry

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Federal Government

Specialized, skilled support to a variety of federal agencies.

State Government

Advancing the unique needs of state-level agencies through technology and applied knowledge.

Local Government

Bringing local service to local governments to benefit their citizens.


Enironmental, surveying and engineering support for general and specialty contractors.

Site Development

Maximizing benefits to developers and communities through innovation and experience.

Oil & Gas

Providing support services to oil & gas for a stronger economy and brighter future.

Renewable Energy

Committed to building energy resiliency through clean, renewable energy.


Focused and experienced depth of resources to accommodate the modern telecommunications environment.

Long Range Planning and Strategies

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Water Engineers for the Americas

In 2002, a group of SMA employees formed WEFTA, which strives to connect donors and volunteers directly with communities throughout Latin America in an effort to provide safe water supplies and sanitation. Today, over 50 engineers, scientists and water professionals connect donors and NGOs with over 100 indigenous and underprivileged rural communities from Chiapas, Mexico to the altiplano in Bolivia.

Let's Work Together

Call us at (303) 239-9011 or send an email to denver@soudermiller.com. We are here to help you improve your water and sanitation systems.