Economically Critical. Environmentally Responsible.

Oil & Gas is critical to the local and state economies in several parts of the United States, particularly the Mountain West. This industry provides high-paying jobs, supports the tax base, and provides for education, public safety, and health care. With the remarkable improvements in drilling and production techniques, exploration, production and midstream companies are building a future of energy independence for America and world class production for the global economy.

As an active participant with several State-level industry organizations, SMA is a strong teaming partner to help you meet the challenges to build this future.

Like you, we live and work in the Basins.

SMA has lived in, worked in, and supported the communities in the Permian, San Juan, Uinta and D-J Basins for more than 30 years. Our locally-based scientists, engineers, and surveyors apply local familiarity and perspective while the broader team of professionals throughout SMA bring technical expertise unmatched by smaller firms. In addition, we have offices strategically located to best provide on-site support.

Carlsbad, New Mexico
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Farmington, New Mexico
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Grand Junction, CO
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Arvada, CO
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We know your issues, your regulators, and your environment.

You need to get your job done. As professionals, SMA understands that working with State agencies, as well as with local and Federal entities, requires experience and tact. We get that things are different in each State, and often from basin to basin within the State. We know that your goal is to be compliant while doing your job: producing energy. Our approach of rapid closure of spill incidents, efficient permit acquisition, and reliable long-term facility compliance is possible due to the professional relationships we maintain with the agencies. This lets you get your job done.

  • Spill Response
  • SPCC / SWP3 Development and Compliance Monitoring
  • NEPA
  • Environmental Liability Assessment
  • Air Quality Review and Compliance
  • Pond and Soil Disposal Design and Permitting
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Site Monitoring
  • Traffic Control, DOT Permitting and Coordination
  • Man Camp Planning, Design and Permitting
  • Water Supply Development, Treatment and Disposal

Building the Future Together

The future of O&G industry in New Mexico is contingent on many issues. SMA will work with you to get it done.

  • Compliance: Rapid response and closure to spills as well as routine compliance
  • Transportation: Efficient NEPA permitting for facilities and pipelines
  • Safety for Industry and the Public: Civil infrastructure for facilities; highway and access road design for safe trucking routes; traffic safety studies
  • Environmental Liabilities Associated with Property Acquisition: SMA assesses the environmental liability of existing assets, and prepares clean up cost estimates to support acquisition decisions
  • Produced Water Management: SMA designs, permits, and oversees construction of produced water treatment facilities. We are working closely with trade groups and state agencies on long term beneficial use and management strategies for produced water.

Let's Work Together

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